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Christa has been training and starting privately owned horses professionally since 1998. She believes in working with each horse at whatever speed is right for that individual. Christa specializes in:

  • Starting*
  • Confidence Building
  • Foundation Training
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Mountain Trail
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Physical/Emotional Rehabilitation and Development
  • Hackamore & Bridle Horse Development

*Please note that starting a horse with Christa is a 3 – 5 month commitment minimum.

Christa believes in creating a solid foundation to build on and educating the owners of the horses she works with.

Proper physical and emotional development are essential to creating a confident, secure horse. Because of this, Christa works closely with an equine therapist and chiropractor to maximize the horses physical and emotional health, thereby increasing each horse’s ability to progress. It is extremely important to Christa that the horses she works with receive the respect that they deserve.

Whether starting, re-starting, continuing or polishing a horse’s training, Christa finds inspiration and direction in the classical schools of equestrian art. Christa continues to develop her understanding of balance and signal, timing and feel through Classical Californio and Vaquero horsemanship traditions and is happy to share her understanding of the incredible journey she’s been on with others who share her passion.

Want to learn more about Christa’s training methods? Order your own copies of H.E.A.R.T., A Mindful Collection and Compassionate Leadership today and tune in to Christa’s YouTube Channel.

Food for thought…

“In my experience, most behavioural issues I’ve encountered have all boiled down to one of three things: either there was an underlying physical problem like the horse’s saddle didn’t fit, they were feeling insecure due to a lack of sufficient leadership, or they were simply exhibiting learned behaviour that they believed was desired due to miscommunication.”
-Christa Miremadi

Christa works alongside her husband, Pinto Miremadi, who trains horses as well using a similar method. For information on training for your horse or getting yourself or your horse registered for a clinic, please contact Christa or Pinto!

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