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me_and_pollyChrista Miremadi has been working with and around horses since 1984. She has had experience in both English and Western competitive riding as well as guiding trail rides, overnight out-tripping, ranch work, facility management and much more… For the last 12 years, Christa has been a partner in the family business, facility manager and co-herdsperson, along with her husband Amin “Pinto” Miremadi, for more than 30 horses.

Christa holds a Level 4 CHA certification in Equine Facility Management as well as being a Certified Instructor in both Western and English Horsemanship. Though she still teaches riding lessons and continues to guide trail rides, training people and horses is her main focus and passion.

It is her goal to help the humans she works with to learn to allow their horses to teach them as well.


Christa continues her equine education by working with and learning from master horsemen such as Mark Rashid, Daryl Gibb, Bruce Sandifer, and Stefanie Travers.   Christa also learns and studies the works of the late greats like Alois Podhajsky, Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance.   Her goal is to facilitate horses and humans developing the same kind of relationships, based on trust, respect, compassion and fun that she has developed with so many of her own amazing equine teachers.

Through her deep understanding of equine behaviour and psychology, gained over more than 25 years with horses, Christa develops safe, consistent and reliable boundaries, earning the respect and leadership needed to influence the horses she works with. This helps them to find the quiet, calm and peaceful state of mind that will allow them to grow, learn and gain confidence.  Christa has also turned to martial arts as another form of self improvement as well as to help her in dealing with unwanted horse behaviours.

Christa has released her first book, H.E.A.R.T. This is a visual tour of her work with horses and contains beautiful photography and engaging stories that re-tell her experiences, sharing her unique perspective and outlining the lessons she received for each horse featured in the book. She has also recently released her first DVD, Compassionate Leadership!

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Photo © Stefanie Travers

After more than 25 years with horses, Christa is still as passionate as ever, if not more so! It is her belief that so-called “bad behavior” is often a result of miscommunication or learned behavior. It is valuable information that can help us understand what our horses need from us. She has turned to Martial Arts for additional help in dealing with “unwanted” behavior.

Christa trains in Tai Chi and uses many of its principles in her horsemanship, such as staying centered, soft, and balanced; a desire to promote harmony and to avoid conflict; breathing and the natural elements. She finds that these principles work with the horses and people she works with just as well as they do in the Martial Art of Tai Chi.

Christa has also studied Qi Gong, Qi Coil, Short form, Long form, Broad Sword, Long Sword, and Tai Chi Chuan.

Find out more about Tai Chi by visiting http://www.coreclub.ca/taichi.htm



Order Christa’s second book, “A Mindful Collection: A Collection of Horsemanship Articles Written by Christa Miremadi” today on Amazon  OR   Buy A Mindful Collection on CreateSpace.

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